Mundelein Stand Up


Mundelein Stand Up

Why are teens involved in STAND-UP

Why are teens involved in STAND-UP

Most students of Mundelein are drug-free.

  • Make STAND-UP a recognized name in Mundelein
  • Gain leadership skills and come up with great ideas
  • Reduce teen alcohol and drug use in Mundelein & work on public speaking
  • Learn how to speak in public and help students who drink
  • Create change for the good, better myself and those around me
  • Learn more info about drugs and drinking alcohol
  • Gain experience & build relationships w/ community members
  • Wanted to join a club
  • To be a positive leader in my school
  • To meet new people
  • To be a role model for my younger siblings
  • Have Fun!!!

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Contact us with any questions​ regarding our work, donations, or how to become a part of Mundelein Stand Up! We will be happy to take care of all your queries.