About Us

The Mundelein STAND-UP Task Force is made up of community members from 14 CYS Sector Representatives. These representatives are:

  1. Local Business Owner
  2. Civic/Volunteer
  3. Community Resident
  4. School
  5. Faith-Based Organizations
  6. Local Government
  7. Healthcare Agency
  8. Judicial Courts
  9. Law Enforcement
  10. Media
  11. Parent
  12. Philanthropic 
  13. Social Services Agency
  14. Youth

STAND-UP Board of Directors

The STAND-UP Board of Directors serve to support the STAND-UP Task Force mission and work strategically to develop initiatives in Mundelein.

Kevin Nylen - President

Sam Martinez - Vice President

Valerie Walker - Secretary

Terri Frice - Treasurer

Ellie Whelan - Officer

Jackie Young - Officer

JT Schuldt - Chairperson/Task Force Liaison

Bruce Johnson - Board Advisor

Lauren Linn - Staff Support

STAND-UP Committees

Community Education Committee

  • Parent/Community Education Workshop development.
  • Parent Outreach: Gathering Data for area of need and recruitment of new parent members
  • Gathering education and potential speakers.
  • Developing Parent/Community Education Resources.

Community Outreach Committee

  • Recruitment of new members to STAND-UP.
  • Increase community engagement for developing and supporting delinquency and violence prevention.
  • Develop educational presentations and speakers to present at Task Force Meetings.

Strategic Planning Committee

  • Updating Community Assessment and Action Plan using updated community data and addressed needs within Mundelein.
  • Determining action plan initiatives to meet the needs of the community and CYS grant.

Sustainability Committee

  • Working together as a committee to ensure outreach and strategic measures are sustainable for Task Force growth.
  • Review of funding sources and opportunities to meet the needs of activities within the CYS grant and community needs.

Youth Committee

The STAND-UP Youth Advisory Committee, known as the Youth Advisory Club, meets monthly at Mundelein High School. The Youth Committee works to stay engaged within the community and learn about prevention strategies related to delinquency, violence prevention, and substance use prevention. Youth Committee members have the opportunity to learn life skills to support their post-secondary journey. Skills such as stress management, money management, and college and career opportunities. 

The Youth Advisory Club works together to develop monthly awareness activities, and to build a supportive environment in their community.